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Good for your body.       Good for your soul.


A division of Almigh-tea Uganda Limited Corporation

What does Generosi-tea do?

Our coffee, tea and spices are locally grown, selected, sorted, and procured directly from Ugandan farmers.  The farmers we buy from have co-opt themselves to form quality standards, fair labor practices, and fair pricing for their hard work.

Support Holistic Native Farmers

Empower Women Owned Small Business Vendors

We procure our tea and spices through woman owned “shops” in local outdoor markets.  Each vendor is handpicked for  quality, trustworthiness, reliability & customer service. 

By our strategic business relationship, we support a predictable ongoing income stream to a woman supporting her family through her own hard work. Even our fabric bags are hand made locally by a single mother who uses her income from  Generosi-tea to fund her children’s education.

Bolster Retail Small Business Coffee Shops

Ugandan and American coffee shops and retail stores offer our product at an appropriate mark-up and increase their own success right along with ours! More domestic and international cause capitalism at its finest! 

Provide Employment and Training Opportunities

Our production line is proudly managed by the first graduate of Children of the Father’s House and forms a job training program with technical training, fair wages, budgeting, money management skills development and the opportunity for upward mobility.

Every unit sold of Generosi-tea provides meals for an orphaned or destitute child for one week at Children of the Father’s House orphanage in Kampala, Uganda.

Feed Orphaned and Abandoned Kids

Why drink Generosi-tea?

WE WANT TO WIN YOUR HEART with this great cause:  to care for those who have nothing and cannot care yet for themselves.  No matter your creed, color or politics, striving to help another human is a worthy and honorable cause.   But, no hand outs …

WE WANT TO WIN YOUR BUSINESS, because we're providing you something great, better than the competition, that you want , that is good for you, and that you enjoy. We want you to do something (that you're probably already doing everyday) with a new PURPOSE AND MEANING. We want to help you be INTENTIONAL  about where your hard earned money goes, putting money where your heart is SHIFTS entire markets. Nothing speaks LOUDER than where people spend their money. Capitalism with a cause and a conscience is just GOOD BUSINESS.   Everyone wins and the world is a better place. We hope you'll find your new favorite drink and it will make you a healthier, happier person to boot!

EVEN THE COSTS ARE COMPASSIONATE! The labor costs are benefiting local Ugandan adults. In an upside-down economy where very little opportunity for employment exists, we're putting HARD WORKING, capable adults to work to take care of themselves and their families.  It's not a charity, it's a CAPITALISTIC opportunity to work for their own futures.  We're "teaching a man to fish" not "giving a man a fish".


The raw materials are a COLLABORATIVE venture with local slow food farm co-ops, so that even the most basic costs have HOLISTIC impact to the COMMUNITY we serve. 

We're not expecting to Americanize the world, we're endeavoring to STRENGTHEN and build up a circle of local economic opportunity, hard work and self sufficiency that reduces orphanage dependence on American donors and brings success and INDEPENDENCE to the families that surround us. Growing into Ugandans helping Ugandans, that provide excellent,WORLD CHANGING, innovative, ground breaking coffee and tea.

To learn more about Children of the Father's House please visit:


"Generosi-tea is the perfect fusion of smooth tea and a caffeine kick. Great way to start my day."

Holly Gumm

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